Post Covid Travel Plans That Are Worth The Wait

Post Covid Travel Plans That Are Worth The Wait

Whilst most of us have been locked up for nearly a year, the worlds luxury hotels have been doing exactly what you’d expect. Getting themselves ready for the return of desperate travelers. Be it tending to the beautiful gardens or upgrading the faculties, the best hotels aren’t content to wait it out and welcome guests back to what they’ve always looked like.

Who wouldn’t want to be walking around beautiful grounds or sipping on luxury cocktails. All this before sitting down to a gourmet meal accompanied by expensive wine.

Whats better than putting on a warm robe and spending the day in a spa. Experiencing fabulous treatments that make your bones feel like butter and you skin smoother than ever. Everything you’d expect from the Worlds Luxury Hotels.

The Wall Street Journal have found some beautiful examples HERE that will get your travel juices flowing. Comment below and let us know you think.

(Image: Reschio)

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