Kuda Huraa Resort | Body By Cathy

Kuda Huraa Resort | Body By Cathy

Travelling in luxury is my number one hobby.
Every year my family and I go on luxury family holidays at 2 to 3 times a year.
The Maldives has always been one of my wished for destinations. In 2019 I contacted our travel agent (Nicola Killen) Elegant Resorts who highly recommended Kuda Huraa Resort.
As Elegant Resorts has impeccable service,  once again the recommendation was spot on.
From the day we arrived at Kuda Huraa, we felt at home. The staff, service, food, accommodation and children’s club were outstanding. We stayed in a water Villa facing a beautiful sunset view every evening for weeks.
Our daughter who was 6 at the time loved the varieties of activities at the club.  Everyday after club had finished she went snorkeling.
The best part of the holiday for me was free diving in the sea. What started as a snorkeling session with one of the divers ended up as a lifetime experience, as I am not naturally a strong swimmer.
Leaving Kuda Huraa was heartbreaking as we felt we were leaving our family members behind. As soon as we arrived home, we re-booked for 2020 but unfortunately due to the pandemic, we had to cancel. Hopefully we can return later this year.
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