H10 Atlantic Sunset Tenerife

H10 Atlantic Sunset Tenerife


After a long days travel with a 7 year old, you could forgive us for being a little jaded on arrival. The H10 Atlantic Sunset staff couldn’t have made it easier for us. Check in was quick, followed by being personally escorted and shown around our room. We were asked if we wanted and food from the restaurant but we were just happy to grab a drink in the bar. Upon our return to the room, we were really pleasantly surprised to find 3 delicious plates of food, which we really enjoyed.


Our room was just what we needed, large, bright and everything we’d booked. Large bathroom with double sinks and walk in shower. Water is really soft though so soaps and shampoos take ages to wash off.

We had a family room, which is basically a double room but the sofa bed is made up. If there had just been the two of us though, it would have been more like a junior suite. The room had a Nespresso machine, minibar on arrival and bottled water every day. Daily room cleaning (a novelty during covid) left us much more relaxed.

Word of advice though, don’t pay to upgrade to a ‘side sea view’ room. Every room in the hotel could say that as the hotel is on a small peninsular.

Our accommodation gripe concerned late checkout. Its always a fun experience in Spanish hotels but this one went a little far. We asked in the first week how to arrange it. As we were leaving on a Friday, we were told to ask on the Wednesday. We did and were told that it was too early and to come back after breakfast on Thursday. We did but were then told (after being advised it was too early) to try again that evening. We did, only to be told (you guessed it) that it was too early again but to come after breakfast on Friday. We did, only to be told that it was not possible due to the large numbers of check-ins that day. Now you may call us cynical but the hotel must have known it was going to be busy on the Friday. Overall it wasnt a huge issue as we packed up a little earlier and used the very pleasing spa for a shower.

Food & Drink

Where to start here! Food and drink were amazing here. We’ve stayed at a H10 4 star offering numerous times and the difference to their 5 star offer is massive. Luxury foods, beef carpaccio, massive prawns, paella most days, steaks, you name it, it was there. Drinks were even better! Cocktails made to order, premium spirits, decent serving sizes. Our favourites were the ‘Dark Secret’ cocktail and the ‘Puerto de Indias’ Gin and Berry Tonic. Big shout out to Luaran LuizĀ  for making the best cocktails and being a generally great barman!

Due to fact that coronavirus is still around there are a few bits that are different. The ‘Central Market’ buffet and other restaurants needed to be booked using the webapp. Its easy to use but every meal needs a booking. When you arrive at the restaurant, you queue, check in and are taken to your table. We found that unless you went for dinner at 2100, the restaurant was really pleasantly quiet. No queueing for food, plenty to eat and overall, just a great experience.

You get to use each of the a-la-carte restaurants once per 7 days stay. The steak house (which is the pool bar in the day) was great. If you have 3 courses, you’ll find yourself feeling pretty full, however, each course is smaller than you’d expect individually. The steak main course (if you were paying) was pretty small for 18.50 Euros. On the other side, the ‘Steakhouse Combo’ (which is for 2 people) is really quite big and very tasty.

The Italian restaurant Stromboli was a bit of a disappointment. It gives the impression of being of a higher class but the food we had wasn’t particularly great. The starters were by far the best bit. The sliced beef was good and the bruschetta was also good. However, this is where it stopped. The risotto was far to rich and pretty much tasted of nothing but butter, whilst the rice was on the uncooked side of al dente. The margarita pizza wasn’t too bad but the ‘Pariso Rustico’ was awful. Deserts were average but tasted ok. It was worth giving a go but isn;t somewhere i’d have been very happy paying for.

Overall, we preferred the Central Market. There was enough of a choice and enough different each day to keep your interest and we really enjoyed it!


The pools at H10 Atlantic Sunset are really good. The top pool is freshwater and has the kids slides next to it, the middle poos (near the pool bar) is salt water but really quiet and the infinity pool at the bottom (also saltwater) is great to stand and watch the world go by. Now, its probably worth saying here that our experience of the pool areas was fantastic, but (and its a big but) we feel that it was made easier because of covid19. We’re used to the mad dash for sunbeds every day and the notes being left on sunbeds if you’re away longer than 30 mins. We generally got to the pool around 0930 most mornings to find we were always the first there! There was always plenty of beds available throughout the day and the sunbeds were clean and comfortable.

Couple of issues though that in our opinion weren’t great for a 5 star. First one was the changing of pool towels. You can only change them between 1200 and 1600 with the lifeguards. More often than not, they’d run out, leaving you the choice of keeping the used ones or accepting a card that couldn’t be redeemed until 1200 the day after (assuming they arrived at 1200). Frequently, guests were shouted at by the lifeguards if they happened to try and change the towels themselves. The second issue is the way that the lifeguards speak to guests in general. Inflatables are banned, even for children and even when the pool is literally empty and if you happened to be walking around without a mask on (when going to the bar for example), you would be quite rudely reminded to comply with the hotels rules.

However, our biggest issue was on our third day. Mrs WLH had got a little sunburnt and had borrowed an extra umbrella from some empty beds. The lifeguard on duty said that we had to put it back as the beds we had borrowed if from were reserved for disabled guests. We duly complied but also noted that for the remainder of the 14 nights we were there, those beds weren’t used once. It might seem pedantic on our part but it was just an unnecessary power trip on the part of the staff.

Our last point is around covid testing. The hotel were great here. The UK’s rules stated that a negative test was required within 72 hours of arrival in the country. This process couldn’t have been simpler. On the Wednesday morning we asked reception to book us a test for Thursday. Following a quick phone call, we were told to go to one of the hotels bedrooms at 1000 the next day where a doctor was waiting to do the tests. 10 minutes later we were back by the pool with the certificates emailed 30 minutes after that. Overall, great service.


Overall, we absolutely loved the H10 Atlantic Sunset. Would we go again? Without a moments hesitation. The gripes mentioned above are when we would call ‘First World Problems’ and not really that important but for a hotel wanting to provide a 5 star experience, they’re worth mentioning non the less. Needless to say though, we’re on the lookout for a great deal there in the future.

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