About Me

About Me

My name is Jamie and I am a 30-something husband and dad of two, British born aviation professional with a never-ending love affair for luxury travel. With a passion and desire to explore the planet and sending people on their way around it, I spend half my life watching people travel on their trips and the other half wanting to join them!

I was born and raised in Yorkshire and currently call the tropical city of Leeds my home.

I started travelling as a child but as I’ve aged I’ve travelled to many more countries, but the more I see, the more I crave!

The things in the world that I love most include aviation, exotic food and drinks, the best hotels i can afford, whilst not getting sunburnt or eating too much.

Too many blogs are centered around one persons view on their own travels. I want this blog to be a collaboration with those that don’t have their own blogs but want somewhere to share their content and engage with other like minded individuals. Check out our WRITE FOR US page to find out how to work with us 🙂

Come and join me and discover the Worlds Best Luxury Hotels.

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Want to send me on a trip? Contact me HERE or via email to pitch an idea.

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